Steel Venom Trailer - Swindled me out of$400.00 .

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I met with Chris at Steel Venom Trailer company in centuria wisconsin.I was there to purchase steel used for assembling utility trailers.

I gave him $400 in cash for the purchase of all the steel he had on hand. I wasnt able to haul all of it due to the extreme weight. He told me i could leave what i couldnt haul that night and i could make another trip for the rest. He told me it was safe and it wasnt a problem.

I contacted him several times in the next week and he was too buisy to meet me at his buisiness to complete moving the steel i paid for. Now he wont answer his phone or return my calls. The same goes for his wifes phone. Its still his greeting on the voicemail but never any response.

Basically he ripped me off for over half of what i paid for and wont even tell me anything. Now its been a couple months.

Thanks Chris for such a vivid example of ehat kind of buisiness man you are!!!!

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Amery, Wisconsin, United States #630743

This company went out of business and filed bankruptcy and did not steel money from anyone.

"They made off with a lot of money from people."

Nobody made off with any money from anyone. That was proven in the bankruptcy. Everyone was notified by the court and not one of these MANY Steel Venom Customers you claim got taken showed up to collect anything from the estate. It's sad a few lost money, everyone lost. I am sure Steel Venom would like to still be around making trailers. the bankruptcy papers reflected I believe about 15k in lost customer money. Papers also reflected where all that money was spent.

"I'm keeping a close eye on both MN and WI for them. Rumor has it they might have gone to Omaha."

You must not have looked very hard? They still live in the area and Chris still has the same phone number he has had for years and drives the same truck.

"They both had Facebook pages which they have since taken down."

Still have FB accounts and never took them down

"If anyone comes across Chris Durand or Rebecca Stupp in future business, report them to the MN Secretary of State and MN Attorney General."

Report them for what? If you would have done your research and contacted the state to start, you would have found the true owner. All this talk and throwing facts around of people who did NOT own this company is inaccurate facts about ownership of a business that you claim stole so much money from people and then the so called owner ran off to Omaha with all this money is a lie. When they in fact still live in the area and still are an active part of the community. People are upset and I understand that, a business that made a good product going under does not make the owner and all the people that worked there thieves. I would suggest people get the facts straight and be cautious throwing names around with facts you THINK are correct unless you are looking for a slander and liable lawsuit. You can not name people on these sites and call them thieves unless you are ready to prove it. Calling someone the owner, when they are not, and then a thief because they owned the company, when they didn't, and using their name in a written forum could be considered liable.


I paid $600 for a trailer but never got it.He didn't respond to e-mails or phone.

After sending a certified letter, he said he'd refund my money but that didn't happen either.I can give him some time for illness but I've heard of too many that got taken just like me.I can't believe a word this guy says


I bought from Steel Venom.I found Steel Venom on Ebay and purchased a trailer from them.

I work for a major outdoor retailer and my company was in search of a small manufacturer to help us with prototype work. I went to pick the Ebay trailer up at Chris' house, which by the way is in Balsam Lake, WI. The quality was great so we asked him to build us a couple trailers from our prints, which his company did. After a review of the welding and construction of the trailers, the company I work for decided to have him build more but he had gotten ill with some kidney issues and was having trouble completing already ordered trailers for customers.

He advised me he would be filing bankruptcy and would not be building trailers anymore. A couple weeks ago the company I work for recieved notice of his chapter 7, not sure why he owed us nothing.

It is sad some people lost out, but it can happen to anyone, anycompany.I wish him and his family the best.


He may not be married but he does have a child with the woman and they presently live together in Minnesota..I have met with them and I believe the person was swindled


I find this so hard to believe!I have bought 3 trailers from Chris in the last 12 years.

His company has also done fabricating work for our company and my brother purchased a trailer from him 8 months ago with no problems.

With that said, I know he has closed due to extreme health problems, very unfortunate.I would also like to add, he is not married and that also makes me question your comment.

to Happy Steel Venom Customer Williston, North Dakota, United States #597224

Chris Durand and his girlfriend Rebecca Stupp, owners of Steel Venom, are absolute crooks.I purchased a trailer from them but never received it.

I got every excuse in the book as to why they never built my trailer. They wouldn't return my money or my calls. I took them to small claims court and Chris never showed. I offered them a payment plan to repay me and they wanted nothing to do with it.

If anyone comes across Chris Durand or Rebecca Stupp in future business, report them to the MN Secretary of State and MN Attorney General. They made off with a lot of money from people. I'm keeping a close eye on both MN and WI for them.

Rumor has it they might have gone to Omaha.They both had Facebook pages which they have since taken down.

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